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Here you will find a variety of documentation ranging from some of the commendations Torina received to actual court documents . This library of documentation is by no means inclusive of all documents filed over the period of 10 years.

U.S. District Court of Maryland


Regional Manager Terminated Torina and Leaves Bank April 2005-Offered Position to Return in January 2008-Signs Affidavit to Defeat Summary Judgment Drafted by Bank of America Attorney Stating He had to Counsel Torina During Her Employment Although No Documentation In File That He Counseled Her During Employment


Bank of America Attorney Elected Partner of the Firm January 1, 2008

Plaintiff's Opposition to Bank of America's Motion for Summary Judgment-June 23, 2008

Plaintiff's Motion to Vacate Judgment (Whistle-blowing case )February 25, 2009

Torina's Attorney Refused Take Her Calls and Reply to Motion to Consolidate Cases - Torina had to File a Motion to Withdraw Him Off Only FLSA Case However,  Judge Terminates Her Attorney on All Cases Leaving Her go Represent Herself at Trial, Order Dated March 6, 2009


Court Notifies Parties If Case #06-0411 Does Not Settle, It Will Be Scheduled For Pre-trial Conference September 10, 2009

Proof Court Aware No Settlement Took Place June 2009, Resheduled Pre-trial Conference on FLSA Case Due to Court Conflict in Schedule

Letter to Federal Judge Regarding Coercion in Conference Dated October 16, 2009

Plaintiff's Request for Judicial Notice in Advance of Trial Dated October 19, 2009


Torina Gets Shocking Evidence on the Record at Trial and Bank of America Attorney Trying to Justify Their False Statements-Judge grants Torina's Submission of Evidence October 2009





Presiding Judge Enforces Unsigned Settlement Agreement July 19, 2010, Docketed July 20, 2010 And Seals It From The Public After Reports of Coercion. Magistrate Judge Charles Day who Held Conference Had a Duty to Inform Presiding Judge That no Settlement Occurred and he Remained Silent 




On July 21, 2010, U.S. Senator Cardin and U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski Applaud President Obama for Nominating Federal Magistrate Judge Charles Day to Replace Torina's Current Judge Peter Messitte



July 23, 2010 Letter From BOA Attorney To Torina Re: Taking Check -Letter From BOA Attorney to US District Court Re: Depositing Funds With Court