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Torina's Story

What Happens When You Blow The Whistle on One of America’s Biggest Banks?

Torina Collis, former bank employee, shares the shocking truth about what’s happened to her.

Here's an eye-opening look into what may be happening right now with your money.

My name is Torina Collis and I was an employee at the Bank of American from October 2000, until I was terminated on February 25, 2005 for reasons I will get into here.   

For almost 4 1/2 years, I absolutely loved my job. I would frequently receive commendations from associates, management, customers and even the CEO of the Bank at the time commended me for work well done.


And then the unthinkable happened…

I found something very odd in a Customer’s account. 

It appeared that their bank account was ‘upgraded’ for no reason… and without their consent.  Normally an upgrade would be a good thing… but this upgrade actually cost the customer money.

I started investigating and questioned how this was happening, why and who knew about it. I learned management knew about yet nothing was being done to stop it.


I could not sit back and let this happen.

I looked deeper into this, and sadly discovered this was on a broad based territory within the Bank. Customers were being ‘upgraded’ without their knowledge or consent… and EACH upgrade cost them $20 a month.

$20 a month isn’t much to the bank – but times that by potentially thousands… maybe even tens of thousands of customers!

That adds up to a LOT of money being collected by the bank.

I knew this was wrong, and I was not going to keep quiet about it.

Even after I reported the discrepancies to my supervisor, it appeared it was still happening so I went up the chain.

Which began the downward spiral…

 Moods changed as managers found out I was stirring the pot.  They didn’t want this being shared, and they made it publicly known I was no longer wanted.

Management started saying I was acting inappropriately at work.

       It started to hit the fan

…and then the unthinkable happened!

  Fraudulent and back dated “write-ups” appeared, and my regional manager terminated me the very next day.

Imagine one day being in a job you love…

 and the next day the victim of mental harassment!

To top it off, you found out that your employer was pocketing potentially MILLIONS with their fraudulent activities.

And everyone was covering it up.

But I was never one to cave to pressure I began a lawsuit against Bank of America.

10 years later, I’ve been through the ringer and back.

Shortly before the long awaited trial, the Judge terminated my attorney and I was left representing myself or given the option to settle. I choice principle and fighting for rights and I wanted my day in court.

After representing myself at a four day trial, I was able to get evidence on the record and expose them in the courtroom.

This is made for movies… but unfortunately it’s destroying my life!

Each attorney that I hired to represent me in the court, withdrew from my case because I would not settle.

The battle is NOT over, yet I am more determined than EVER to fight the good fight and put an end to the Banks stealing YOUR money and the agencies allowing it to happen!

Despite the financial hardship and employment difficulties this has imposed on me, I am not about to give up.

 It is up to "WE THE PEOPLE" to take a stand against the banks and corporations and fight to bring them to Justice.
Join The Fight For Justice and don’t let the bank and their resources get away with this behavior.  If they are doing this to one person, think of all the people this is happening to who don’t have the resources or courage to speak up.  The disposition of this case has the potential to make a global impact in terms of case law and forcing companies to be responsible for their behavior.